SPC Kerala stands for Student Police Cadet. This is a high school-based initiative of the Kerala Police. The initiative is jointly implemented by the Home and Education Departments. It works in different departments. In which transport, forest, excise, duty, and local government departments come. This department was started in 2010 prescribing several benefits.

Which self-governance comes in education, health, transport, forest, production, fees, tribal development, etc. These departments mainly promote physical activity. Which includes activities like sharpening emotional, intelligence, social and skills. To make these activities work smoothly, SPC teaches school students about exercise, parade route marches, unarmed corporate yoga, etc.

What is SPC Kerala?

SPC Kerala was formed in 2010. It is a high school-based initiative. This group helps in making the school students worthy students. This project motivates and teaches students to help their country in various work.

School students are taught important elements such as practicing discipline, respecting laws, and working for the weaker sections of society.

This project has given information about many significant family and social topics to the students. The education they imparted especially enables the students to resist negative trends like consumption, deviant behavior, intolerance, and other social evils.

SPC Kerala Information
Organization SPC Kerala
Active from2 August 2010
TypeKerala Police
Slogan“We learn to serve
CommandersP. Vijayan IPS
Official Websitestudentpolicecadet.org

Scope of SPC Kerala?

SPC Kerala was exclusively launched on 2nd August 2010 in 127 High Schools and Higher Secondary Schools across Kerala. A total of 11,176 boys and girls participated in this project.

Around 254 teachers were trained as School Level Community Police Officers (CPOs). The main working area of this project was shown in 2012. 249 High Schools were covered under this project. Active till 30 Aug 2022 with around 16,000 SPCs and 500 CPUs.

Around 83,000 students have taken training in this project. An estimated 200,000 students have so far been trained through this project. In the year 2018, this project was launched at the entire national level. He was active in 12 schools. About 900,000 students took training.

Origin of SPC Kerala?

SP Kerala originated in 2006 as a community-level initiative by the Kochi City Police. The initiative saw over 400 high school students from around 30 local schools interact with police officers. Special issues of the society were kept in this conversation. In which how to fix this particular issue socially. It was discussed.

We saw the first work of this project in 2010. The task was entrusted with the responsibility of crowd management at the Kerala School Youth Festival, Asia’s largest youth central cultural extravaganza of high school students from Kochi.

About 10,000 participants are involved in this festival. This project was successful in this festival. A proposal was prepared for a statewide school-based training program under the guidance of Mr. Jacob Punnoos.

The proposal was made by the IPS (DGP Kerala) and the Government of Kerala vide Geo(p) 121/2010 Home dated 29 May 2010. The main objective of this proposal was to create a force of law-abiding, socially restrained, and service-oriented students.

SPC Kerala Features and Objectives

The specialty of the SPC Kerala project is mainly based on the main objective of social work. You can understand with the help of the following points:-

  • SPC Kerala is an important link between several officials of educational and law departments in a community.
  • The project is mainly of 2 years duration. in which the students are trained.
  • Through this training, students are prepared to become Able social leader.
  • In this project, many social activities and negative aspects of the government are explained to the students.
  • Under this project, students are taught many medical-related tasks.
  • Through this, the students are trained in the knowledge of drugs and ways to eradicate them.
  • The project encourages parents and community leaders to work closely with legal management officials.
  • The project also serves for transportation. In which the pollution spread by special people of the society is banned.
  • This project also works for nature. In many ways to make nature clean are guided.
  • Its main objective is to make the students of the society a capable person.
  • This project trains students to enable them.
  • For this purpose, the potential of the youth is exposed.
  • Especially through this training, the youth is made a capable social leaders.

What is SPC Kerala Training Program?

SPC Kerala training program is a 2-year training program. On, under this scheme, students are given training in health, physical development, mental development, social development, the discovery of inner potential, and social education. In which many youths become socially competent leaders.

The program mainly consists of 5 components.

  1. physical training
  2. indoor training
  3. field trip
  4. schemes on practical training and
  5. Camp

Achievements and Reputation of SPC Kerala

SBC Kerala Project has achieved many achievements and fame across the country. Whose details are written below:-

  • In the 41st All India Police Science Congress held in Dehradun in 2011, all the states of India were recommended to adopt it.
  • The Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, interacted with a team of SPC in Kochi in 2012 and was impressed with the objectives of SPC.
  • This project was selected by the Kerala Road Safety Authority (KRSA) as the SPC project for road safety awareness at the state level.
  • An amount of Rs 10,000,000 has been sanctioned for this project.
  • Kerala Legal Services Authority (KELSA) a statutory body of the Kerala High Court also nominated this project.
  • Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited partnered with this project to promote energy conservation while promoting the public sector within the community.
  • The State Institute for Educational Management and Training (SIEMAT) supported the project to make it state-wide and reach out to various sections of society.

The above-mentioned information shows the various achievements and reputation of the SPC Kerala Project.

Official websitesLinks
Kerala policekeralapolice.gov.in
SPC Karelastudentpolicecadet.org
SPC OnlineSpconline.in
SPC GOVspc.gov.in


Q. What are the project’s goals for SPC?

The project stimulates neighborhood-level initiatives to support better use of natural resources by promoting environmentally friendly behaviors.

Q. What is the SPC project’s motto?

“We learn to serve,” is the SPC’s slogan.

Q. What obligations does SPC have?

They provide leadership coaching and aid in the formation of fresh Agile Teams.